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Frequently Asked Questions about Mattresses

Find answers to frequently asked questions in Mattress Gallery Directs FAQ section.

What is the best mattress in 2022

If you Google “what is the best mattress in 2022,” you will find a thousand different answers from a thousand different sources. The reason being is twofold: first, what might be a good mattress for one person might not be good for the next; second, the internet is flooded with fake reviews by mattress manufacturers to help increase demand. Mattress Gallery Direct seeks to end this confusion by training our staff to find the ‘best’ mattress for that individual person, and by only stocking well-established brands that are known for quality and comfort. Our showroom is filled with all the various types of mattresses on the market, to include latex, all foam, pocketed coil and hybrids, ranging in all comfort levels, from extra soft to extra firm. Come visit us today and allow one of our Sleep Specialists to help you choose the best mattress for you!

Are bed in a box mattresses any good?

Over the last few years, there have been hundreds of bed in a box companies that have emerged. The reason being is that these mattresses tend to use low quality materials and are therefore cheap to manufacture, meanwhile, the markup remains high. The appetite for profit, all while providing the consumer with an inferior product, has driven many companies into this market.

If you want to realize the qualities of the materials that go into these mattresses, then consider this: bed in a boxes are vacuum sealed, rolled up, shoved into a box and shipped to your home. In order to accomplish this, these companies must compromise the integrity of the support foam. At Mattress Gallery Direct, we believe in providing our clients with a product that will ensure proper support throughout the night, and that will not compromise over time.

Why are mattresses so expensive?

Mattresses have come a long way since the days of simply stuffing a linen sack with cotton or wool. With the emergence of technologies such as gel-infused foams, titanium alloy coil systems, and the integration of fibers such as bamboo or aloe into the top fabrics of some mattresses, it’s no wonder why the price of mattresses have gone up over the years. That’s why we here at Mattress Gallery Direct have assembled a lineup that offers our customers with the highest quality products, for the most reasonable of prices.

We have been able to accomplish this by forging a close relationship with our manufacturers, ensuring us the best wholesale prices, in which we then pass those savings onto the consumer. So if you’re looking for the best priced mattress in the Austin, TX area, then come visit one of our showrooms today!

What about Purple Mattress?

Who hasn’t heard of the Purple Mattress? With their extensive marketing campaigns, it’s the talk of the town when it comes to the “newest and coolest” mattress on the block. But is all of the hype surrounding this mattress all it’s cracked up to be, or is it just bluff and bluster? Well let’s take a look…

Although we must admit, the grid design of this mattress is a novel concept, and can indeed provide significant pressure relief for those who sleep on it, the flip side of this equation is that many users report that it feels like they’re sleeping on an egg carton. Furthermore, seeing that the grid portion of this mattress is constructed out of an elastic polymer, many users also report a ‘bounce’ type of effect when laying on it, as though they’re lying on a mattress that is constructed out of bouncy balls.

For ease of shipping, the Purple Mattress comes vacuum sealed and rolled up in a cylindrical package. In order to accomplish this feat, they must sacrifice the strength of the support foam. Think about it: do you honestly think that a foam that is able to be squished down and rolled up is going to provide you with an adequate level of support for years to come? According to The Sleep Foundation, users over 230 lbs tend to prefer other mattresses over The Purple, seeing that the foam cannot provide them with the support they need. The Sleep Foundation further notes that the edge support of The Purple mattress is far from superb, which they say is common among bed in a box mattresses.

Off gassing occurs when volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from a manufactured product turn into gas and float into the air. If inhaled, these compounds can be hazardous to your health, and also can produce an unpleasant odor. Many purchasers of The Purple mattress have complained about this issue, and some users have even reported having to wash the grid section of the mattress with soap and water, and letting it sit out for days in order to remedy the issue.

At Mattress Gallery Direct, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with quality products that will not only provide them with excellent support, but that also will not be hazardous to their respiratory systems. That is why all of the foams in our mattresses are CertiPUR certified, and do not produce the off gassing effect. Come visit our showroom in Georgetown, TX and let one of our Sleep Specialists guide you toward the perfect sleep system for you!