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Tempur-Pedic vs Memory Foam: is there any difference?

While any foam displaying viscoelastics qualities would technically be considered a memory foam, this does not mean that all memory foams are created equal. First to introduce the material to the market in 1991, Tempur-Pedic has continued to perfect their product over that time, spending millions of dollars on R&D in the process. This has allowed Tempur-Pedic to produce the highest density foam in the industry (Tempur-Material measures 85kg/m3 or 5.3 PCF). This high density ensures great durability and longevity. Which is why many users report the life expectancy of Tempur-Pedic mattresses to be as long as 15 years!

sleeptronic recycling
sleeptronic recycling

In addition to durability, another thing that sets Tempur-Pedic apart from standard memory foam mattresses is their thermal-reducing capabilities. One of the main complaints with memory foam mattresses is their tendency to make you sleep hot. However, Tempur-Pedic has remedied this problem with their use of open cell technology. Open cell foam technology allows for greater airflow throughout the molecular structure of the foam, thus allowing body heat to escape. Having recently introduced the Tempur Climate Management (Tempur-CM) material and PURECOOL+™ Phase Change Material, Tempur-Pedic continues to lead the market when it comes to providing sleepers with a cool night’s sleep.

Adapt Series

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ProAdapt Series

sealy posturepedic mattress layers

LuxeAdapt Series

sealy posturepedic mattress layers

Breeze Series

sealy posturepedic mattress layers

What do others say about Tempur-Pedic?


  1. I’ve always wanted a Tempurpedic mattress, but they have always been out of my price range. I saw that Tempurpedic was running their Labor Day sale, so I decided to stop in Mattress Gallery Direct in Georgetown TX to check them out. The salesman was really knowledgeable and explained the difference between each one. I was informed that they were running an interest free financing special, so it was an offer I really couldn’t refuse and actually bought one. I would highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking for a great deal on a Tempurpedic mattress this Labor Day.

  2. I’ve always heard of Tempurpedic mattresses, but never actually thought I’d end up purchasing one. I had slept on a memory foam mattress before, and didn’t like the sensation of sinking down into it. But when I tried the Tempurpedic, it didn’t give me that same sensation. I did sink down into it, but it didn’t feel like I saw sinking into quicksand. I’ve had this mattress for just over a month now, and I can honestly say I’m now a Tempurpedic customer for life. I would highly recommend you try it too, especially if you think you don’t like memory foam.

  3. If you are searching for the best Tempurpedic mattress store in Georgetown TX., look no further than Mattress Gallery Direct. Jessy and Austin did an amazing job helping me select the perfect Pro Adapt Medium mattress. They showed me the benefits of owning a premium adjustable base and I couldn’t believe the difference it made for my back. Great experience from top to bottom!

  4. We just bought a Tempur-Pedic Adapt Medium Hybrid from Mattress Gallery Direct, and we couldn’t be happier! As my husband and I get older, we decided that we wanted to invest into our sleep. This is the first time we ever bought a mattress of really great quality, and ever since we have been sleeping on it, we have noticed a big difference. I spent a lot of time researching, and many of the sources I looked into recommended Tempur-Pedic. We decided to buy it at this mattress store in Georgetown TX because the salesman was very knowledgeable and knew exactly which one would benefit us the most. Would highly recommend!

  5. Another GREAT Black Friday deal for the books! Jessy hooked us up with an outstanding deal on a new Tempur-pedic Pro Adapt Medium mattress. They had it in stock and was able to deliver the same day. WOW! Outstanding customer service. We look forward to sleeping tonight. Mattress Gallery Direct is the best small business in Georgetown to shop at. Ask for Jessy. He knows his stuff.

  6. My wife and I have been loyal Tempur-Pedic customers for years. We had ours for 15 years and decided to finally replace it since they were running their Black Friday sale. We ended up going with the pro adapt soft because it felt like we were sleeping on a cloud. Thank you Jesse for helping us find the perfect mattress!

  7. We bought the Breeze mattress last week from this mattress store because my husband sleeps so hot. Man it works! He is sleeping so great and I won’t have to wash sheets so often. Thank you Mattress Gallery Direct for helping us find the perfect mattress!

  8. I love the Pro-Adapt Medium Hybrid. It gives me great support and pressure relief in my lower back. i definitely will be purchasing my next Tempurpedic from Mattress Gallery Direct’s mattress store in Georgetown TX!

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