Jamison Bedding: “A Heritage of Quality.”

Jamison Bedding found its roots in a small factory in the outskirts of Nashville in 1883. This company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses in the United States. Their founding promise of “quality products at great prices with great service,” says it all. For this reason, they have emerged as one of the leading suppliers of mattresses to some of the finest resorts around the world. Whether it’s their Autograph Collection, Resort Collection, TLC Latex Collection, or Sleep Response memory foam collection, you can rest assured that Jamison has the perfect feel for you!

What mattress does Marriott use?

Have you ever been on vacation while staying in a Marriott hotel, only to find yourself having one of the best night’s sleep ever? This should come as no surprise. Jamison Bedding has been one of Marriott’s co-preferred vendors of mattresses for nearly 50 years! In the words of Marriott: These mattresses “are perfect for those who toss and turn at night.” And they “create a perfect balanced sleep surface.” If you’re looking for that JW Marriott resort night’s sleep in the comfort of your own home, then Jamison mattress is the choice for you!

jamison jw marriott mattress

What do others say about Jamison? 


  1. I have always said that Marriott Beds are by far the BEST! And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if Mattress Gallery Direct in Georgetown TX. didn’t have the Jamison Marriott inspired Collection. I bought to of them. One for me and one for my son. We are both sleeping GREAT! Big thanks to Austin for hooking us up with a deal for buying two of them. Be sure to ask him what kind of deal you can get if you buy multiple mattresses. He was more than fair.

  2. We needed two guest room mattresses quickly, since we had family coming into town. This was an unexpected visit, so we didn’t necessarily have this in our budget. But thankfully, Mattress Gallery Direct was able to offer us a great deal and quick delivery of the mattresses. We ended up purchasing Jamison beds because they seemed to be of really great value for the money. We couldn’t be happier with our purchase.

  3. I have been wanting a Marriott Bed for years. I always sleep better in Marriott Hotels. Mattress Gallery Direct made that happen for me today. Austin gave me an unbeatable price on the M5000 Custom Resort Jamison mattress with Gel and cooling cover. I shopped at all of the mattress stores in Georgetown TX. and MGD was by far they best deals hands down. And, they are Veteran owned which warms might heart. Go support Austin and Jessy. They supported us overseas so it’s the least we could do.

  4. Jamison mattress really are incredible! I sleep great every night and don’t toss and turn any more. I highly recommend this brand!

  5. I searched for mattress stores in Georgetown TX. that could provide me with same day delivery, and luckily I found Mattress Gallery Direct. I ended up purchasing a Jamison mattress from them, and I absolutely love it! The top fabric is cool to the touch, and that’s perfect for me, since I’m a hot sleeper.

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