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When it comes to mattress manufacturers, not many brands carry a reputation as prestigious as Stearns & Foster. Founded in 1846 in Cincinnati, OH, Stearns & Foster has established itself as a luxury brand. This accomplishment is due to their focus on superior craftsmanship and value of high standards. Equally, every S&F mattress is handmade and takes roughly twice as long to produce than a typical mattress. Whether it’s hand sewn tufting or decoratively embroidered edges, no detail is overlooked when it comes to Stearns & Foster.

What are Stearns and Foster mattresses made of?

A mattress can only be as good as the materials it’s made of. That’s exactly why Stearns & Foster developed its transformative IntelliCoil® innerspring support system. This patented technology incorporates a coil within a coil, thus allowing for greater responsiveness to the lightest of touches, while providing added support for heavier loads. This technology is not only found in the primary support system, but also has layers within the foams of the mattress to ensure a supportive feel for even the plushest of models.

stearns and foster intellicoil spring
stearns and foster mattress foam layers

Of course exceptional support is not the only thing S&F has to offer. In 2019, the manufacturer started to include Indulge memory foam into their lineups. This memory foam was developed by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic, and provides maximum pressure relief and a level of comfort you would expect from a luxury mattress.

What do others say about S&F?


  1. After I watched the Mattress Gallery Direct youtube videos I knew where I was going. Jessy and Austin are real personable and meticulous in helping their customers. My Chiropractor originally told me about the Georgetown TX. mattress store location. They had a great selection of Stearns & Foster Estate mattresses. I purchased the luxury plush pillowtop with an adjustable bed base and absolutely love it!

  2. I kept seeing advertisements for Stearns and Foster mattresses, and with a quick Google search found that Mattress Gallery Direct carried them. My wife and I went into their store and they had several different ones to choose from. The salesman did a really great job explaining the difference between them, and my wife and I came to the agreement that the firm Stearns and Foster was the best fit for us. We’ve had it for just over a week now, and I can honestly say it’s the best money we’ve spent in a long time!

  3. The Stearns and Foster mattress that I purchased from Mattress Gallery Direct is great! We’ve been sleeping on it for just over a month now, and it’s the most comfortable mattress we’ve ever owned. My husband had difficulty getting in and out of bed with our last mattress, because the side wasn’t very strong. But the sides of this mattress seem to provide much better support, and he hasn’t had an issue with it. We couldn’t be more satisfied!

  4. In my opinion, Stearns and Fosters are the best mattresses on the market. The last mattress that I bought was a Stearns and Foster, and ever since I bought that one, I knew that I would be a loyal customer for the rest of my life. Hands down, they give the best back support of any mattress, and the quality really is just top notch. The new one that I bought from this mattress store is no exception. I would highly recommend.

  5. The Stearns and Foster Estate mattress that we bought from Mattress Gallery Direct has been excellent! My wife and I have difficulty getting in and out of bed. So we need a mattress that has a really strong edge. The side of our last mattress collapsed, and it was very difficult for us. But this Stearns and Foster has made it much easier for us to accomplish that task. And I almost forgot to mention that this mattress is extremely comfortable too.

  6. I’ve been a loyal S&F customer for decades. These are the best mattresses money can buy! Although I haven’t had to buy many because they last so long. Just got a new Lux Estate and I’m sleeping like a baby! Don’t waste your time with anything else. Get a Stearns and Foster mattress!

  7. I bought my Stearns and Foster at this mattress store in Georgetown TX. and it’s awesome! I’ve been a loyal Stearns & Foster mattress customer for years, and their new Estate collection feels like the best lineup yet.

  8. Mattress Gallery Direct has the best prices on Stearns & Foster mattresses in Georgetown TX. by far. I stopped in before they were even open and Austin a Jessy were kind enough to show me around their mattress store. Great guys with tons of knowledge about mattresses and sleep health. Buy your next mattress here!

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